I Need A Napkin

It was late afternoon and the weather was as perfect as it could get for Florida in mid-July. I sat in the lounge chair beside the condo pool and reflected on how blessed I felt to have made such sweet friends over the course of the past year and how sweet they were to include … Continue reading I Need A Napkin

The Kicker

I walked in the playroom to bring Braden and his friends some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. With My Boo playing on Braden’s “parent approved” playlist, I took the liberty to do my rendition of The Running Man Challenge (a dance move) as I left the room—after all, that song had been revived from my … Continue reading The Kicker

I Went To Jared

For Christmas this year, my parents gave Mr. Right and I the best present. They took the kids from Sunday to Wednesday, following the last day of school, to give us time to closeout the end of the year at our office and prepare for Christmas. It was a wonderful few days. We worked, went … Continue reading I Went To Jared