I Went To Jared

For Christmas this year, my parents gave Mr. Right and I the best present. They took the kids from Sunday to Wednesday, following the last day of school, to give us time to closeout the end of the year at our office and prepare for Christmas. It was a wonderful few days. We worked, went to lunch, got shopping done and even had a date night. The freedom of only thinking of ourselves was invigorating.

While out-and-about one late afternoon, we were exploring the boutiques of our downtown that we seldom have time to frequent. Christian and I decided to do some shopping for one another separately and meet up later at The Happy Olive—a little artisan bakery. An hour or so later after finishing my shopping, I walked into the store. I immediately saw Mr. Right taste testing some culinary creations across the store. His back was to me. Feeling flirty—I walked up behind him, gave his tooshie a good two-handed squeeze and whispered in his ear (in my best sexy voice), “Hey good looking. What’s your name?”

To which an unfamiliar voice responded nervously, “Uhh…Jared.” A total stranger spun around. I gasped so deep that I sucked all the air out of the charming little store.

“Wow, what a great boost to the old ego. Thank you!” said the stranger.

My face resembled the color of Santa’s suit.

“I’m so so sorry!” I stammered. “I’m Brooke. I thought you were my husband, Christian. Y’all looked similar from behind. Not that I was looking at your behind…you just have the same build…I mean same hair color and height…it was just a huge accident…oops!” I tried to flash a charming, “please forgive me” smile.

I continued to apologize as I turned to leave.

“It was interesting meeting you, and don’t worry I won’t tell my wife,” Jared halfway whispered while grinning from ear to ear. Oh my gosh! His wife?! Does this make me an adulterer?

I anxiously waited for Christian outside the store hoping to avoid Jared (and especially his wife). My imagination ran wild with thoughts of a husky woman whacking me with her purse as I tried to explain why I groped her husband.

Finally, Christian showed up with gifts in tow. “Been waiting long?” he asked.

“Not too long. Ready to go?” I said anxiously wanting to get as far away from Jared as possible.

“I thought we could go to a few more stores and then grab dinner.”

“Sure, sounds nice,” I replied ready to move on, but before we did—Jared and his wife walked past.

Jared stopped to address me. “It sure was nice meeting you.” I smiled in reply while blushing. He leaned over towards Christian, patted his shoulder and said, “You’re one lucky man. Merry Christmas!”

7 thoughts on “I Went To Jared

      1. As an elementary school student, I ran up behind my long legged, six foot- two inch Dad at work, wrapped my arms around both legs and pushed my face in-between; not my Dad. As an adult, had a sexy telephone conversation with a
        male I thought was my husband; not Joe. This is so relatable and so funny. Will look forward to your blogs each week.

        Liked by 1 person

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