Last Wednesday morning started off bad from the get-go. I snoozed one too many times, woke the kids up in a panic, didn’t have time to make lunches so everyone had to be a “tray”, and my lifeline (Mr. Right) was out of town. With three kids at three different schools, I had to leave … Continue reading SERENITY NOW!

Pound Cake and Pearls

My Mamaw Jones was my great grandmother. I remember her in bits and pieces like watching an old home video on a projector. She was a strong, independent woman with an even stronger Southern drawl. Words that only took most people one to two syllables to pronounce were drawn out into four sometimes five parts—bringing … Continue reading Pound Cake and Pearls

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Today, as I sit having a moment to myself, I am overcome with the amount of tragedy our little community has experienced in the past few months. Difficult pregnancies and births, sick children, death—the list goes on and on. If you broaden the scope a little wider to our neighboring communities, there is even more … Continue reading I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Full Frontal

(read "I Went To Jared" prior to reading) It was a Thursday afternoon in downtown Fairhope, Alabama. Mr. Right had been out of town all week and decided to give me a day off. With laptop, journal and chai latte in hand—I fled the chaos of my normal life and got cozy in my favorite … Continue reading Full Frontal

The Fall

I remember it like it was yesterday, Sister was 4 years old. Her hair was a golden brown bob with a big purple bow. Her cheeks were chunky—the last characteristic she still had from her babyhood. She had dressed herself in a full pink tutu, a shimmery tube top from a mermaid costume, and a … Continue reading The Fall