The Club

It was post Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I was three months pregnant with our first baby. My mom and dad (who had lost everything in the storm) were living with Mr. Right and I—since our newly built house was spared. In a desperate attempt to cling to normalcy, the four of us found … Continue reading The Club

Road Rage

As every parent knows, you can spend a large chunk of your day in your car. Hours are spent driving to and from school, practices, dance class, music lessons, etc. For the most part, I really don’t mind, but the past few weeks have been an exception. Our little Southern town has been inundated with … Continue reading Road Rage

Healing Hands

If this summer had a soundtrack or a mixed-tape (for those of us who were teenagers of the 90’s), it would sound something like this… “What are we going to do now?” “Will you fix me something to eat? I’m hungry.” “Is that it?” “What else are we going to do?” “I’m bored.” For the … Continue reading Healing Hands

Oh, Suzy Q

I remember bits and pieces of what happened the first hour after my thyroid and tumor were removed. It was like an out-of-body experience as the anesthesia began wearing off. I knew what was happening, but had no control. The nurses and doctors that busied all around me were trying to keep me from talking … Continue reading Oh, Suzy Q

Boobie Tuesday

It was a Tuesday afternoon seven months after Willie J was born, and we were in the thick of t-ball season and ballet recital preparations. Mr. Right was out-of-town on business for the week, so I was hanging on by a thread (a state in which I often find myself). In an effort to make … Continue reading Boobie Tuesday