A Good Cup of Coffee

My mom and aunt primped and perfected their hair and makeup—breaking every so often to hover over their coffee that was sipped ever so delicately. The blasé, “all the time in the world” attitude was driving my cousin, Carrie, and I crazy. We were about to miss the wedding, the one we had come to … Continue reading A Good Cup of Coffee

The Last Piece of Me

I remember the day we realized that my luxury SUV wasn’t going to comfortably accommodate our growing family anymore. B (our son) was 6, Sister was 3 and Willie J—our baby boy—was a newborn. With two fixed car seats, and no way to put them side-by-side, B was forced to get to the third row … Continue reading The Last Piece of Me

Despite My Mistakes

Parenting is difficult. Some would say, it is the hardest job a person could ever have. For me, it is something that I fail at on a daily basis. “Mom, I have to be at the field in 10 minutes. Did you wash my uniform?” my son asks. “Here,” I throw him a red clay … Continue reading Despite My Mistakes